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Richard White

Richard E. White, Ph.D.

Dick White is sole proprietor of Enduring Green Globe Consulting.  He has had a career that includes nearly 30 years as a scientist and educator, 10 years as a community volunteer advocating for climate protection and sustainability, 8 years as a local elected official, and extensive public speaking and writing.  He also has completed certification as a Climate Change Professional (CC-P) by the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO; climateofficers.org). For the last three years, with coauthor Sally Ann Sims, he has been developing a Study Guide for the CC-P curriculum.
During his service on the Durango, CO, City Council, he was the city’s representative to the Compact of Colorado Communities organizing around climate change and served on the Compact Steering Committee.  As Mayor of Durango, he also was the local government representative (with Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynn and CEOs of Excel Energy, Denver Water, and Western Resource Advocates) in the opening plenary panel discussion at the 2018 Colorado Communities Symposium, which was co-sponsored by the Compact and the Governor’s Office.

This experience provides a unique set of qualifications for helping communities and businesses understand the climate challenge and to develop and implement action plans that minimize local risks and develop novel opportunities, while participating in global efforts to mitigate the climate emergency.

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